Stop the Bleed©

American College of Surgeons™

STOP The Bleed©; Bleeding Control (B-Con) 2 Hour Course ($20)

This Course is designed for individuals (of all ages) who have little or no medical training but who may be called upon as immediate responders to provide initial trauma care and bleeding control to a victim of traumatic injury prior to the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS) or in an austere environment.

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*Courses materials ARE PROVIDED at all In Person Stop the Bleed© Courses

*Extra Course Materials:

  • Stop the Bleed Materials Provided at Course*

  • Tourniquets Sold Separately (Avg. Cost $15-$45)

  • Trauma Sheers Sold Separately (Avg. Cost $10)

  • Leatherman Raptor Trauma Sheers (Avg. Cost $60) w/ Molle Holder

  • Bleeding control kits (Avg. Cost $50-110)